Cultural Awareness...

Some may say that Canadians and Americans have a lot in common.  That may be true.  However, some things are just not the same.  I noticed the accent right away, the way they say 'waaahter' instead of 'wawter' (water), how that a vowel is just a bit more nasally than ours.  

I also noticed how cheap the food was-the first day Jake and I arrived in Wheaton, we went out for a late lunch.  For $10, I received a huge portion of chicken marsala linguine and a massive 'side' salad.  It was incredible.  

Tonight as I was sitting around the dinner table with my fellow TEAMservers, Kayla asked if Jake and I could sing our national anthem.  She'd never heard all of "O Canada" before, and was delighted.  At that moment, I felt a small amount of national pride, and almost wanted to place my hand over my heart-our American friends thought it was weird that we weren't more patriotic. 

That's what happens when you are from a country of perpetual cultural allowance.  

Our training team consists of 6 people: Jake and I, Jenelle (from Seattle), Nathanael (Colorado), Kayla (California), and Hannah (Edmonton).  We have been getting along really well, and have attributed that fact to everyone's shared 'artsiness', if that's even a word.  It hasn't been hard to be vulnerable with them, and I can imagine that there will be at least one or two Jake and I might keep in touch with for the rest of our lives.  

One of my favourite session today was called "Sharing Christ in Every Culture".  I was reminded that evangelism isn't meant to be formulaic, but rather Spirit-led.  Every situation of conversion in the Bible is unique in both approach and response.

Praise God for these godly people who are teaching us from their own humble experiences. 


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Singinglady said...

Hi my darling Ash
So glad that you had the opportunity for some bonding with your new friends and also that you felt a kindredship and will maybe continuing the friendships in the future.
What a special experience to sing our national anthem for them!
I can imagine the sense of pride you must have felt.
Although the time you spent there was relatively short, it sounds like it was quality in nature.

May blessings now continue as you move on to the final destination for this trip and the ministry that lies ahead for you both.
Lots of love from NAN xoxoxox