Don't Throw It Out with the Bathwater...

Sometimes a girl's gotta relax.  For some, it means getting a foot rub. For others it means sipping a little wine and savouring a piece of dark chocolate.

For me, and many others, it means running a warm bath and settling in among the soft-scented bubbles.

This is a surprising fact, since my only form of washing was just an old, claw-foot tub when growing up.  Showers were much more desirable.  However, I've come to relish the feeling of warmth and relaxation I've come to associate with a bubble bath, and being alone with a good book is one of the purest forms of delight at the end of the day.

Well, can you guess what happened last night?  That's right...

I dropped my book in the water.

I was shocked and more than a little bit perturbed, as my relaxed state was immediately undone.  I tried drying it with a hairdryer (which I've seen people do in more than one movie), and it actually worked.  However, to turn it one page at a time would have been a nightmare, so Jake suggested I hang it up like so...

The poor library book...
Hopefully it will recover and I won't have to pay for too much damage when I return it.


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
A nice warm relaxing bath can be very comforting and relaxing but I am sure after you dropped the library book into the tub that it would quickly undo all the good it had done.
I hope it wasn't too costly a mishap Lots of love NAN