A Good Breakfast...

Lately I've been noticing the benefit of eating a hot breakfast first thing in the morning.  Upon the reccomendations of my parents, I made a big pot of steel cut oats and had plenty of leftovers every day last week.  Now that they're gone, cream of wheat was on the menu this morning.  I decided to make a batch for the rest of this week as well. 

Eating cream of wheat brings back memories of my childhood, since my mom would often make it for us.  I remember that she often forgot to stir it, so we would find some lumpy parts.

Well, I miss the lumpy parts.  I make mine on the stove, and it's not only the consistency that has changed.  I no longer ice it with brown sugar like I used to, but sweeten it with some cut up dates, adding a little bit of almond milk.  It's still delicious, but I find myself reminiscing nonetheless. 

Thanks, mom, for giving me a love for all things food.  You broadened my culinary horizons, and now I broaden yours...

Here's to many more adventures in the kitchen, and I'm still going to let you make the icing every time!


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Singinglady said...

Hi my darling
I am enjoying that you are sharing your culinary expeditions with us
Of course a good breakfast is has always been the best way to begin your day and it sounds like your mom did a good job of implanting the importance of it by your start at home.
Pops has gone back to the oatmeal for brekkie and I was doing it for a while as well but I have gone back to my ever faithful bran!
Our kids did have cream of wheat when they were growing up and from time to time I would try to get them to appreciate Red River cereal but some how or other that was NOT one that they liked!
Have you tried it?
Enjoy your journey in the cooking field.