Sunday: From the Lens...

My view of Galt from work

Ice remains even in the late afternoon sun

My handsome husby

Jake and I on our trail walk

Beautiful sunset after church

My newfound workstation and the best Wifi hotspot in our apartment.  I'm writing this blog there right now.

Jake got a vanilla milkshake.  And this is all that I should be having at this unhealthy caloric cesspool.
Three small cups of stale and burned coffee later, I received a large, freshly brewed decaf, on the house :) 

A happy, long and satisfying Sunday = FTW

Love, Ashleigh


On God's path said...

Ohhohhohhh very nice. Looks like you got to enjoy the beautiful day after all.

Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
Loved your pictoral blog today and seeing the various nature shots of God's beauty, the great one of you and Jake and your new work station.
It was such a beaitful day yesterday and glad to see that you took advantage of it and made some memory records,
Praying that your new job goes well.
Missing you very much and sending lots of love XOXOXO NAN
(And POPS)