Pears on the desk...

Working hard or hardly working??!

Every week when Jake and I go grocery shopping, I try to buy the fruits and veggies that are on sale and in season. By the time we reach the check out, the majority of the buggy is filled with produce alone. This week I found some reduced veggies, and found a bundle of 6 pears for $.79. They looked to be in good condition, so we bought them.  Now, the troublesome thing with pears is that they don't transport well. When I bring them to work, they get all bruised and mushy, but taste even sweeter than before. I like to save my fruit until the last hour of my shift, that way I can go home feeling somewhat full.

I like seeing it there on my desk. It reminds me to be patient.  Sometimes I'm impatient, and eat it early. I pay for it later with a rumbly tummy. I find that drinking a coffee or chewing gum helps to distract me from wanting to eat the food I brought all at once. I have noticed that my eating patterns are regimented throughout the day, and that sometimes I force myself to wait until the hour or half hour to dig in.  This also happens with bathroom visits, and stretch breaks.

My work habits reflect my life: I like the patterns and reliability of the day.  This week Jake had to stay home from work for a couple of days due to being sick. Even though I was excited to have him home, my internal schedule was completely thrown off. 

I find myself wishing that I were more laid back and flexible, a "just-roll-with-the-punches" kind of person.  But alas, God is still smoothing out the rough edges in me.  I might never be that kind of person, but hopefully one day I will be a little more relaxed.

In the meantime I'll keep practicing patience by waiting to eat my pear, and maybe one day I'll mix it up and consume it earlier than I had planned!


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Singinglady said...

Hi my darling

I enjoyed your fruity musings tonight and the confessions of your non patience for some of the daily habits of life.
It sometimes takes a while to develop that particular aspect of life and of your personality and I hope that you can hang on patiently as you wait for it to kick in for you.
Sorry to hear that Jake was sick this week and hopefully he is feeling better and did not share it with you.
I too am feeling a little bit impatient as we struggle to pack things up at this end and try to get ready to close the doors at this end and make our final move up to Orillia so we can start our new life.
I hope that you are settling into your new job.
I am sorry I have been a bit behind in responses to your latest blogs but we have enjoyed them and the pictures as well.
We are enjoying this very unusually weather for this time of year and I am sure you are too.
I has been a very different winter!
Missing you and hoping to see you soon
Lots of love
Nan xoxoxo