My Last Day...

The time has come for me to move on.  After today, I will no longer be babysitting those little boys that have worked their way so dearly into my heart.  Despite all that we have been through-the whining, the screaming matches, and the enlightening talks about Jesus, Satan, and the real version of Christmas- I will miss them.

I have a new job, something that is full time and will be a blessing financially.  Working for a taxi company is an interesting prospect, and I'm sure it will be quite an adventure.

And yes, I'm eager to try something new, and to provide some stability to our income as well.

But I pray for those young hearts that have opened up to me.  You see, it's not easy to be small.  I can see that through their eyes now.  There are many pressures and bullies, and stressors that only they can feel.  Expectations and misunderstandings.

I hope that I've helped to plant a seed.  God must use the next person to water it.  Their hearts are impressionable, and they need to feel loved by the One who created them.

Jesus is reaching out to them, wanting to wrap His loving arms around them and show them the Way to life.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Ash
But hopefully they will remember you for the fun you had with them and also for the seeds that you have planted in their spiritual lives.
I am sure you are feeling some sadness that you will no longer be babysitting your little charges but hopefully they will find a replacement who will pick up from you.
Congratulations on your new job and we will pray that will also go well for you. We do miss you and hope to see you soon.
Lots of love from NAN xoxo and POPS too