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I'm sitting at my little desk waiting for people to call for taxis, excited that I only have two more hours left.  I've been getting to know my co-workers a little bit. This is a great shift...one that is going by so fast. I'm excited about my new schedule because I get Sunday and Monday off every week.  It's a relief since the topic of working Sunday shifts never came up, but I'm not completely comfortable with working on Sundays.  How about you? What are your thoughts on working Sunday shifts?

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Hopefully it shows up, but here is a picture of the sunset tonight.  What a gorgeous day we had!

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Erika R. said...

Since you asked I thought I would comment, I am actually not a huge fan of working Sundays either esp. since I have tried really hard this year not to do homeowork on those days but to actually take them off.

God took a day of rest and I think it might be a wise choice to follow his example :)