Irresponsibly yours...

So.  I started a new job, and in the last four days alone I have worked 28 hours there and 9 hours at my other job.  Welcome to the world of full time employment, my friend, I say to myself (at least I can say it amicably!)  I haven't seen this side of work in a very long time, and I'm finding it both rewarding and exhausting.  Not to mention, it's bringing out an impossibly irresponsible side of me.  I'm triple booking myself, forgetting to find a replacement for things I've volunteered for, and taking forever to get back to people who have emailed, texted, or called me.  (Sorry if that's been you!)

I've been wanting to write a blog all week, but I've been reserving my extra time for exercise, cooking and spending time with Jake.  And probably in that order.

My priorities have been a bit off I think (actually, I know), but God is still there, patiently waiting for me to spend some time with Him, and stop being so distracted. 

On another note, the highlights of this week have been the beautiful weather (which is a treat to run in), and a cake pop made for the cafeteria staff by some of the students from ladies' residence.  I ate mine slowly, savouring each bite, as I was grateful for the little taste of chocolate and spiritual encouragement by the people that I see every day. 


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
I just want you to know we will be praying for you as you begin your new job.
I am sure it will take some adapting for both you and Jake as you work the different hours and I hope that as you said, you can get things into prospective and set the guide lines for your priorities.
With the special treat we have had of these past few days weather wise, it helps to blow away some of the winter doldrums and hopefully we will not get another blast of the cold stuff.
Love you lots and we hope to see you soon.
Lots of love from NAN and POPS xoxoxox