Run by the River...

In the past couple of days, the only exercise that I have managed to do is walking.  I couldn't resist getting out for a run this morning, especially when I heard that it was going to get up to 13 C today.  There is a river and a pond near our house, with a trail snaking along beside it.  During the wee hours of the day, it is quiet and serene, with the sun streaming brightly across the water, and the birds calling out to one another.  As I ran, I raised my arms up to the heavens, shouting towards the blue sky in awe of our wonderful Creator who makes days such as these.



On God's path said...

You literally shouted out? Haha That's awesome Ashleigh!

Erika R. said...

Those times are honestly the best ones! I am SOO glad that you were able to celebrate God in his creation and through keeping your body healthy! woot woot!