In the Meantime...

This is an interesting period of time for Jake and I.  We've been blessed in our marriage because we've never had to deal with long periods without seeing each other.  Even when Jake was working continental midnight shifts at his other factory job, we spent lots of time together.

Now, my new job is creating a chasm between us during the week, so that once Friday rolls around, we're excited to spend 8 hours together before I head off to work again. 

I've stopped taking our moments for granted, and I've been trying to be 'there' mentally.  My mind is so distracted by things I haven't and have yet to do.  Yet, when I'm with him, I have to stop and thank God for giving me such a wonderful and godly husband. 

Here's to you, babe, for being the most amazing man I know.  You're my best friend, and I love doing life with you!


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