I have an addiction...and it's called too many recipes, too little time.  I'm so eager to try out new ones that I can never perfect the ones I've done before.

If you have Pinterest, you'll know that there are many, many pictures and recipes being posted every single day.  I don't have time to go through those.  I just pin my own :)  You can call me the 'happy pinner'.  I like storing the pictures there.  It's convenient for me to go back to one place when I want to try making all those delicious things.

What's your addiction lately?



Singinglady said...

Hello my darling
Confession time!
I think your addiction must come from your NAN
Although with technology today you get your recipes in a different way than I did when I was in my cooking modes
I was always cutting them out of the paper and magazines and I also had mega cook books
I actually did make several recipe scrap books and as I am now sorting through my boxes in preparation for the move, I have also come upon boxes of these cut out recipes just waiting to be filed into a scrap book .
Sadly as recently as yesterday, I actually dumped them out , did a quick sort of a couple and then packed them back into the cartons where they will soon find their way into Poppa's boiler!
It broke my heart to do it but I had to face the fact that now I am almost positive I will never get to try them out and I still have many more books to go through that at this point in time I cannot be brutal enough to part with them JUST YET!
So there yuou have it cionfesions of a recipe-a -holic
Lots of love
NAN xoxoxo

Gayle said...

It must be a family trait. I have gathered recipes for many years.....have given many good cook books to good will to make space for new ones, and yes, hunt and clip, and now, hunt and pin!