I confess.  I just looked up confliction in the dictionary because I thought I made it up.  In my head it was going to be a mash up of conflict and conviction.  So. That is what it will be.

I haven't been blogging.  One more confession...I've been reading other people's blogs too much.  Now I've gotten all my knickers in a twist, thinking that mine isn't good enough. 

One of the things I wondered while having my brief pity party was if my blog has a point.  You know what I mean, right? There are some people who blog about food, others who blog about parenting, or gardening or whatever.  Some people are ridiculously witty.  Others are very technical.

Will the real Ashleigh please stand up?

Oh, she's standing.  Right where she'll always be.

This space will not be compromised because of other people and comparison, and yet I hope that over the years it will improve in and of itself. 

So, here are some things you can expect from my blog and, consequently, my writing:

1. I will probably be vulnerable.  In fact, some blogs might make you embarrassed for me.  Don't worry, sometimes it's ok to wear your heart on your sleeve.  I prefer my vulnerable side to the brick wall that some people are forced to scale on occasion (most notably my husband).  Trust me, in time you'll come to thank me for it.

2. I will always, ALWAYS write about food.  No matter where I go in this world, no matter what stage of life, I will keep you posted about any and every extraordinary culinary experience.

3. I will write about beautiful things.  Like sunsets, and glistening water in a glass, and Jesus' love for the world.

4. Not all of my blogs talk specifically about my Saviour, but you can be sure that my faith in Christ is where my worldview stems from.  It's kind of like the book of Esther, where God's name is not mentioned but you always know that it was Him who orchestrated all the fantastic events.

5. I will write about my husband, Jake...I kinda love him a lot!  Oh, and I'm sure I'll blog about any future children too(no, that was not an announcement!)  I will also write about the rest of my extended family, because they're pretty much the bomb.

6. I will write about things God is teaching me, which, right now, consist of more words than will fit this page.

7. I will write about my daily life.  This may or may not bore you.  Sorry, can't please everyone!

8. I will write about chocolate.  Yes, this is a separate number than the food category.  This was intentional.

9. I will write about some insecurities.  This is normal, and until Christ's return, we'll be feeling like the imperfect and insecure humans that we are.  Only in Christ will I find some semblance of peace in this area of life.

10. I will do my best to write in my real voice.  For those of you who are readers and writers, you know all about voices.  Not the ones that you might hear in your head (am I the only one?!), but the ones that we use to infer personality or tone within a piece of writing.  I know the exact moment that I stop using my personal, Ashleigh voice and start into a bloggy voice.  This 'bloggy' voice takes on tones from other blogs-the ones which I've deemed more notable and popular-I've read, and contains a certain amount of wit that I myself do not naturally possess.  I try to avoid this voice, which, surprisingly, even shows up in my personal journal on occasion. 

And that's my blog in a nutshell.  Enjoy, folks!



On God's path said...

Oh I plan on enjoying it as I have for a few years now. Blessed as I am to be able to read your blog.

Singinglady said...
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Singinglady said...

Hello my darling Ash

Just a little back up going on at my end
The packing is definitely cutting into my time for reading and responding on line.

Just a quick one here though in response to this message.

You know we have always supported you and your blogs and just want you to know that
Do not feel you have to change your style unless it is something that naturally evolves..
You are you and you do not have to write like anyone else
Thanks for sharing your future intentions
Lots of love from NAN