Goodness ...

And this is why I love pinterest so much... or maybe I actually found this one myself.  Whatever the case, this pudding is astoundingly amazing.  Would you believe it's made from avocado, dates, and cocoa powder?

Legit, folks. Make it and indulge in the silky texture that's sure to send you straight into chocolate heaven itself.

You're welcome... (because I know you're going to try it!)



Singinglady said...
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Singinglady said...

Hi my darling Ash
Does look yummy
I enjoy dates and avocados but as chocolate is not a
# 1 fav in my life, I will have to bypass this one.
I am so glad you are having fun experimenting with new recipes though.
Maybe when we get settled you will come and look through some of my saved recipe books.
Lots of love NAN xoxo

Erika R. said...

I like how you have in a a small little jar!

Makes it even better :)