When a stranger calls...

Yesterday was my 6 month check-up in London for my ICD. I could not find a ride, but I took the Greyhound instead. The whole way there I sat with a sweet old lady who told me all about her family and life. I told her that once I got to London I was going to take the bus to the hospital, and she insisted that her daughter would drive me there. I was skeptical that her daughter would want to take a total stranger, but she did! I was able to get into my appointment earlier even though I was scheduled for an hour and a half later, and I saw one of the doctors who was helping me in my recovery last year. Because my appointment finished so early, I had time to go to Fanshawe to vsit Katie! I haven't seen her since November, and although we only spent a couple hours together, I can say that it matou saudades em mim (was a great blessing to visit with her). I miss her so much, and I hate that I am separated from many of my good friends by distance.

I felt like God totally orchestrated the whole morning. It was a beautiful blessing to be able to get a ride to the hospital, have another older lady help me get to Fanshawe, and to visit Katie. He is so wonderful, and it's the small day-to-day miracles that remind me of how much he cares.
Today I baked up a storm and hosted a surprise wedding shower for Mel and Nate, along with two of Mel's good friends. It was a lot of fun, and more people came than I had originally been thinking. I was really proud of guys dorm, because they gave Nate more than $145 towards tools! What a gift :)

I am listening to Ivete Sangalo, a Brazilian singer, and reminiscing on times spent in Brasil listening to this music. It's been far too long since I went to Brasil...I think it's about time to go back and enjoy some rice and beans, and speak Portuguese all day long :)


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