Rain, rain, go away...

I have not been enjoying these raining days that we have been experiencing. I know my attitude and mood is greatly affected by the weather, and I have been noticing that I have been quite negative in my heart.

The rain, however, is not to be fully blamed. With a lack of spending time in God's Word, I feel my spirit decline and my heart become heavy. Sometimes I don't feel like I should be around people. Although I may appear to be cheerful, it is merely a facade for what goes on underneath. What goes on in my mind and heart is purely sinful, and the thoughts that spring forth are not what God intended for one of His children.

Please pray for me, that I will persevere. I can feel my desire for doing homework waning, and I feel miserable. I want to be a godly woman.

I was reminded in church this morning that our lives are a statement of glory to God. It's a hard journey along the way, but we need to stay focused on the process. According to 1 Corinthians 4:1-5, there are four things we need to remember:

1.) We must remember who we are (v.1), and that is servants of Christ functioning as free people
2.) We must remember what we do (v.1), and we have been entrusted with responsibilities and a stewardship that encompasses others around us.
3.) We must remember the standard of evaluation (v.2), and stay faithful. This is what I need to remember. There are two attitudes that can destroy faithfulness, which I know I must watch out for:
a.) a critical spirit (Mt. 25:24-30)
b.) a lazy spirit (Luke 12:42)
In order to avoid these, I need to practice daily routines and continue to persevere in growing with God
4.) We must remember the goal (v.3-5). We want to hear Jesus tell us "well done, good and faithful servant".

This was very profound to me, and I hope it made you think also.

Friends, let's not just think anymore. Let's do. Let's walk in the path of our master.



On God's path said...

May I walk alongside you in this. I have been having dreary weather on this side of the world as well and it deeply effects me as well. I have spent less time in the word because of how I feel, yet I should be doing the exact opposite.

Praying along with you in this.


Ashleigh said...

Thanks so much for your encouragement-now that I know, I will be praying more specifically for you as well! Love, Ash