And the addiction starts...

How do you tell your stomach to settle down in response to eating two pieces of cake, two cookies, and a whole bunch of mini eggs after about 30 days of not eating any refined sugar? (with the exception of a few slip ups)

I was so excited to eat cake yesterday, that I went a little bit overboard. I actually felt sick from eating so much sugar. But oh, when I saw those mini eggs...with their crispy, sweet, and candied exterior, and a center of epic milk chocolate goodness, I couldn't resist. I popped one in my mouth, and relished the pure joy of the taste as it coated my tongue. How delectable! And to think, they only make them at one time in the year. Ah, the joys of eating sweets!

This morning Amy came to church in Jake's stead, and I took her over to the bookshelf as we were waiting to leave. I noticed the movie "Fireproof", and had wanted to take it out before, but the disc was not inside. As I was telling her I had no idea who to ask, the man standing directly behind us said "Me. You have to ask me." I thought, Wow, what perfect timing! Seriously, God has the most amazing sense of time. So I am looking forward to an evening with Jake, watching Fireproof and eating homemade cookies.

Best. Idea. Ever.


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