Some tings...

Today I am going bridesmaid dress shopping with Mel and her other bridesmaids. I feel elated to be involved in this time-honoured tradition-standing up as a witness to say that I approve of her marriage with Nate.

But my beloved sister is getting married!!! (well, one of the two beloved sisters, of course). It seems like the engagement period has flown by, and has just gained acceleration pedals in the past couple months. I am excited for her and Nate as they are on this journey towards beginning their new life together. However, I know that from here on out, things are going to change, and it may be hard to get accustomed to those changes.

We always knew she would be the first to get married, and so she will be. Praise the Lord for giving her the desires of her heart, to first be a woman in love, a married lady....and the rest will come soon enough :) I am also thankful to God for blessing her with a handsome and godly man, one who desires to know everything about her and is truly in love with her. I will feel blessed to call him my brother-in-law :)

What an exciting day....God is good....


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