For the love of spring...

Sun inspires me.

Makes me want to write and sing praises to God for creating such a beautiful light.

And to think that Jesus is the Light of the World, and we are all little lights created in his image!

I am feeling nostalgiac, longing even more for those warm spring days after being teased with the warmth of today.

Days where coats are not subjugated to inclement weather, nor are mittens the victims of the cruel frigid winds of winter.

Days where the air smells fresh, and the ground is covered in puddles, and every step I take is full of energy and excitement.

Yesterday I found a channel on iTunes radio that plays only sounds of birds tweeting. Hesitantly, I began to listen, afraid I would become bored and simply annoyed. Instead, I found myself enraptured, conjuring up pictures of languid mornings sipping green tea on a cottage porch, drinking in the cool of the morning...dreaming of crisp, spring dawns, unable to move from comfortable, clean sheets and a heavy comforter, with an open window carrying the sounds of cheerful birdies on a soft, cool breeze...imagining myself lying there, being lulled back into a light sleep as I smile in blissful contentedness...

And this is why I love spring...

Praise the Lord for days like today, that make the snows and doldrums of winter a little easier to bear.


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On God's path said...

Goodness you write well Ashleigh. I love reading your blogs! With that sad I also have to confess I love those days as well. You just feel rejuvenated.