Well, I suppose the weather here isn't that cold, but for Brazilians, it is. I think the coldest it can get in this part of the country is 8 or 9 degrees Celcius. Right now it only gets as low as 15 degrees at night, but it is so cold right now.
The classes went well today at the school. Next week we're having a party in two of her classes. I'm really excited, because it's fun to relax with the kids once in a while. Everyone is so excited, though, because there is only a month left of this semester, and then they get two weeks off for holidays. Some of the students there are graduating this semester, too, so they are even more excited!
Today I had sardines for the first time. I really liked them! Vera put them in a tomato sauce with green olives and I don't know what else, but it was good! Then we put the sauce on top of rice or spaghetti noodles. So good!
Tomorrow Andréa and I are going to teach at Vôo Livre...thankfully it is her day off, so she can come out too and the kids won't have to go another day without class!
I hope you all are taking care. Oh, I forgot to mention that I got my visa extended here on Tuesday for another 90 days. Had to pay a small fee, of course, but I'm glad that is all taken care of. Now I don't have to worry about anything.
Talk to you later. Thanks for all your prayers for me!
Love, Ashleigh :)

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SInging Lady said...

Hi there sweetie
You snuck this one in when I wasn’t looking!
I checked earlier and it was just last night’s blog.
I guess that since you have been there, your blood must have gotten thinner and adjusted to the temperatures, so that you feel the cold more.
Do they have heating systems in the houses there to take the chill off when it goes down in the evening?
Sardines!!! My dad used to love a sardine sandwich!
Do the ones they have there come in a little tin or are they fresh ones?
I only know about the tinned ones here.
I have never really developed a big appetite for them though. I like green olives though!
Glad to hear that you will be able to go to Vôo Livre tomorrow.
I am sure the kids will be glad to see you.
Glad you got your visa extension as well, without any difficulty other than the fee.
Have a good day tomorrow and report back when you can.
Hugs and kisses … Nan xoxo