Good morning from sunny Brasil...I hope the weather is beautiful wherever you are today. Last night it rained out of no where. It was so weird. Because the rainy season is over, so it shouldn't have rained at all!
Last Friday Andréa came with us to Vôo Livre, and it turned out to be fun after all. I was kind of jealous that she was coming too, which, I know, was totally stupid. I guess I kind of think of those kids as MY Àguas Lindas kids, and I knew that everyone likes her and that they would all like her more than me. That just tells you that i have NO self-confidence at all...no, I do. LOL!!! I guess I was just having a bad day. But it was good, and I felt bad for being jealous afterwards. She has a good heart...
I had a good week-end...I went with Graça, Andréa, Val, Allana, and Andréa's boyfriend Halison to the feira in Guara again on Saturday. I don't remember if I described it to you, but it's basically just a big open air market but inside. Shop to shop filled with clothes, and you can buy fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread...really pretty much anything. Andréa wanted to get something for Graça for Mother's Day, but she wanted her to be there to choose it. We had lunch there..."pastelzinho"...they're liked pastries filled with whatever you want...you can have chicken with cheese, chicken heart, cheese and tomatoes...whatever. Most of us wanted meat and "catupiry", which is a type of cheese. It was so good..they make them right there for you. I smothered mine in hot sauce and it was delicious!
In the afternoon Allana and I went on a walk and I took some pictures of some beautiful gardens near to Graça's house.
Yesterday we went to the English church in the morning, and the pastor talked about marriage, and how important it is to try to work through problems that you have in a marriage, and not to divorce without trying first. It was a very powerful message, and I know that it affected many couples in the church, as there are many, unfortunately, who have marriage problems. I think that is why he chose to talk about that.
In the afternoon I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. Man, when all the kids are here, there is no way that a person can go to sleep. And Brazilians talk very loud. They keep complaining that I talk too softly...it's not my fault! Even Canadians complain that I talk too softly. haha. So, maybe when I come back I'll be talking really loudly, you never know.
We went to the Brazilian church at night, but I had to leave and sit outside halfway through the service. I was getting kind of frustrated that I couldn't understand anything...and it was too hot in there too. Outside there was a nice breeze.
Today Graça and I took a quick trip to Àguas Lindas to practice the puppets with the girls, as they have a presentation tomorrow. It was good, and I think they are well prepared for tomorrow.
I know that this afternoon I am going to the school to help Andréa and her classes, and I am looking forward to it because I like her afternoon classes. The kids are so nice.
I hope you guys are trying some of these foods that I have told you how to make...honestly, you will never know how good they are until you try them!!!
Love to you all...take care.
Love, Ash
p.s....a quick reminder...whatever you want to know, ask, and I will inform!!! :)


SInging Lady said...
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SInging Lady said...

Hello Ash

Soa como você tem um dia agradável ir lá demasiado.gues

I won’t inundate you with my fluent Portuguese phrases to-day as I see that you had a bit too much last night at the church service!
I will save my wonderful translations for another day.

All that talk about food at the “feira” has made me hungry and as it is lunch time here,.I should go and try to concoct my own version of your “pastelzinho”.!
As I don’t have all the makings (no chicken hearts) I will have to settle for crackers and cheese, some apple slices and a muffin.
Pretty bland by your standards!!! No hot sauce for me!!
Oh well! What can I say!
Have fun at Àguas Lindas this afternoon/
Hugs and kisses
Porque Karl diria “ Você é o mais melhor!'

bigboypoppa said...

Hi Ash,
Just a few thoughts to pass along. Your days seem to be full of many different activities. When you mention going to the mall, how does it compare to one I would know? The house you stay at, how is it constructed….Brick or Stone or ….?
When you talk about Voo Livre the school, and Aguas Lindas the town, how far away from where you live are they ?? How do you travel around when you go to places that are too far to walk ??. I pray that the Lord will continue to watch over and protect you in everything that you do !!! .The food sounds good for you. Just good old meat and potatoes for me. I’m not as adventurous as you.