A Puppet Show Messup...

Good evening...Boa Noite...Bonne Nuit...
It was a lovely day in Brasìlia, when suddenly Ashleigh decided to turn a lovely puppet show into a puppet catastrophe...let me fill you in.
This morning was the presentation for the puppet group from Vôo Livre at the American Women's Club International. Graça and I left home at 7:30 this morning and went to Àguas Lindas to get the four girls who are in the puppet group. We went back to Brasília where the meeting was taking place and started setting up the stage for their presentation. Now, the stage they have is just some plastic piping and some curtains, but the plastic piping is very difficult to pull apart if it is put together wrong. So, the youngest of the girls, Jorcina, asked me to help her pull some of the tubing apart because it wasn't in the right position. That was when everything went wrong. The force of both of us pulling up on the tubing made the pipe come out so fast that we didn't even see it coming. BUT it hit Jorcina in the face and all of a sudden her hand came up to her mouth. Her front tooth had been hit and become chipped, and the part of her tooth came flying out of her mouth. My goodness, I felt so bad. I know it was an accident, but we're not talking about a girl who is easy going. Jorcina is 14 years old, and is very beautiful, as are all her sisters. She, out of all of them, is very proud of her beauty, and so having a chipped tooth is like the end of the world for her. I didn't know what to do, and she would hardly talk to me afterwards. I offered to help pay for the dentist to fix it. I think Joyce will help, too. I mean it was neither of our faults, so I shouldn't feel too badly. But their are 4 girls and one baby boy in her family, and I know it would be too much for them to pay for it. So I hope it won't be too expensive to get fixed! So the whole morning she was in pain, and then after that she was moody, and she kept looking at it and crying. I feel so bad. Oh well, what can you do, right?
The rest of my day was good, though. I got to help at the English school and in the second class Cristina let me read their oral listening test to her students, and that is always fun. This evening Vera made pastelzinho for dinner, so we had it again. So delicious!
Tomorrow we're going to Àguas Lindas again for the day, and I am looking forward to it, like always.
Please pray for Graça as she prepares for her trip to Canada on May 21st. She is really looking forward to it, but she's nervous too.
Thanks for all your prayers for me. God is taking care of me, I know. I love you and miss you all. Talk to you soon.
Love, Ash :)

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SInging Lady said...

Oh dear.
That certainly was an unfortunate happening for you to-day at the puppet show
I once had at front tooth break off when I was in the middle of a Bible study.
It was very traumatic for me so I know how the young girl must have felt.
However I am sure that you are being hard on yourself, as it could just have easily have happened to you.
Glad the rest of the day turned out better and hope tomorrow will be good too.
We are praying for everyone there.
Love, hugs and kisses from Nan