Another Recipe...and the adventures of A&A

For all of you who are adventurous, I don't know how expensive they are right now but this recipe involves avocados. Take all the fruit out of an avocado and put it in a blender. Then add some milk(not too much) and blend. Check to make sure it's not too runny. If it's a little bit thick, add some more milk as well as sugar to taste, and blend. Makes a , somewhat healthy, and delicious snack!
Last Saturday(I know, I know, that was like almost a week ago...bear with me here!) I went with Andréa to her boyfriends farm again. We had planned to go suntanning in the morning, and so we did just that. Except that the sun didn't really come out, so we decided to go exploring "her farm" as she tends to call it now. The place we went suntanning is on a slab of rock in the middle of a little river that has like a million little waterfalls all along it. So pretty! We went exploring upstream, and we encountered only one or two little waterfalls, but we had great adventures. For one thing, we took our cameras, and some of the rocks are pretty slippery, so we had to be careful not to drop them. For another, we had to do some rock climbing up the waterfalls, and in some places we weren't sure how deep the river was. Because of this, we dubbed our explorations "The Adventures of A&A"(because both of our names start with "A". We said that we could make a movie, and we'd be better than Indiana Jones, because we're prettier and wearing bikinis! If anyone had seen us, they would have thought we were so crazy. We kept saying things like, "A&A....crossing the slippery rocks" or "A&A...tackle the thundering waterfall". Then...we were walking along and there was this huge vine, and Andréa grabbed it and said,"I'm Tarzan!!!" and then I looked up, and there was this HUMONGOUS spider sitting in a web attached to the vine she was swinging around!!!!!! I started screaming and she stopped swinging but stood there as if frozen and kept saying, "WHAT!! WHAT!!!" She thought that there was a snake or something, because apparently they have found boa constrictors around there. So afterwards we were laughing SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard, and then I said, "Tarzan?!!! Not so much, Barbie!!"
Oh, what a morning it was. As we were going back to our suntanning rock, I was just about to step on a rock, when I saw a spider just as big as the other one sitting on it, so I decided not to go that way. During the morning, too, I kept losing my sandal, and had to rush after it before the current took it downstream. I also got my foot stuck between two rocks underwater...man alive, that was funny!
So, that was the adventures of....wait, I forgot something! Andréa's boyfriends family owns some cows. When we were heading down to the river in the morning, there was one with horns, and naturally we thought it was the bull, and we were walking so it wouldn't notice us. When we were coming back for lunch, it started walking towards us, and we got so scared, (yes, I know, we are prisses!) and were ready to run the other way...but thankfully we got under the fence just in time before he came close to us. In the afternoon, we went back but her boyfriend came with us(his name is Halison, by the way). The bull was standing right at the spot where we come through the fence! Andréa and I were all freaking out and stuff, and saying, "That bull is going to kill us!", when Halison says, "That's not the bull!"....HUH??? Then he points to a peaceful thing that we thought was the cow, chewing its cud, and says, "That's the bull!!!" We laughed so hard when we realized this, and when we saw what defines the bull from the cow, and saw the udders on the cow. Who knew that cows can have horns!!!
Then on Sunday in the afternoon we went driving around in Celça's jeep, and Andréa and I were standing up in the back and making lots of noise. All the people on the street were looking at us like we were crazy people...The adventures of A&A continue!!!
Today I helped at the English school again, and Cristina needed to do something for college so she let me take her last class for her. That was fun...at least they speak good English.
Also, on Tuesday night Andréa, her friend Artur, and I took the other Canadian, Chris, to a Churrascaria, which is a restaurant that specializes in barbecue meat. I think he liked it, but he is so shy I can't tell for sure. But it was fun.
Tomorrow I'm not sure if there will be any classes again at Vôo Livre, because I'm not sure when Zeza's funeral is.
But I hope that we can go, because I like helping in the classes there.
Thanks for all your prayers...please continue, because the inside of my mouth is all red and my throat is infected, and I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm taking some medicine and it seems to be working...love to you all!
Ash :)


SInging Lady said...

Hey there girl!
You are really getting adventuresome there!
Going out to the end of the rock spit at HI would be a piece of cake for you now!
Mel And I did that last Sunday and even took a picture of her on the last one to prove we did make it! Mind you she had to help this old gal a couple of times! My running shoes had lost their tread and some of the rocks were pretty slippery. Add to that a gimpy knee and healing ribs, it made for an interesting experience!
Your drink recipe sounds yummy! You will have to have a party when you get home and prepare us a Brazilian feast using your culinary skills!
Sorry to hear that you have an infected throat.
We will pray that you can get some relief and healing for it soon,
Must go now and get some beauty sleep to prepare for the BIG 50 tomorrow!
Only a little wee party now.
We will save the Big One for later this year.
Lots of hugs and kisses
Nan xoxoxoxo

Ruth-Ann said...

hey!!!!! hun... miss you. work's CRAZY. i didn't quit after all. sry to hear of the loss :-( GET BETTER! i'm really random today. love you... mmwwaaahhhh