Right now the weather here is like desert weather. It's hot during the day, and then really cold at night. And the coldest night of the year is June 25...craziness!
Unfortunately today I wasn't able to go to Àguas Lindas, because the lady that I'm going with now that Graça's in Canada had a doctor's appointment really suddenly. And Andréa won't let me take the bus because she is afraid of me getting robbed, so I stayed here and went to the English school with her. She's afraid because once she went on a bus and the guy who makes the change was talking to her and saying he got robbed four times already. She thought,"oh, that's not bad, he's probably worked on this bus for a few years." But he told her he has only worked on the bus for 4 months!!! Then he started talking how it's good when they just rob the bus and then leave, but sometimes robbers hijack the bus and take it somewhere else. So, ya, I really don't think I'll be taking Brazilian buses any time soon!
That's all for now, folks. I hope that you are having a great end of May.
Love, Ash

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SInging Lady said...

Hi Ash,
Question: How cold is cold at night???
Scarf and mitts cold???
Regis & Kelly did two shows from Niagara Falls on Monday and Tuesday this week. They were outside and they just about froze themselves! . A lady in the audience loaned Regis her gloves! That’s how cold it was here for the holiday weekend just passed.!!!!
Now about these bus robberies!!!!
Definitely not a place for a young Canadian girl!! Glad to hear that Andréa took a stand on that one!!
How grandparents go gray!!!!
I must get back to the American Idol finale.
Looking forward to meeting Graça soon.

Love ya lots Nan xoxox