Today was fun in Àguas Lindas... although most of the kids in the classes were sleepy today, so it was kind of frustrating when I was working on their pronunciation with them. Graça and I really like the last class, though, because they actually want to learn, and they are such quick learners.
Andréa broke her pinky toe today at the school, and she can't really drive her car now because it's on the foot that she uses to press the gas and brake pedal!!! So pray that it heals quickly, because she is a very independant person, and I know she is going to be frustrated not being able to drive everywhere!
I have some questions to answer for someone who asked me(namely Pops...)
The malls here are better than our square mall in my city, let me tell you that much. No, they vary in size, of course, but in Taguatinga there are about 5 malls or so, and in Brasília, well I don't know, but there is a lot. They like to shop here.
The city I live in isn't really poor, I mean some of the houses here aren't that big, but most of them are fairly nice, and in some parts REALLY expensive. There are also many apartment buildings, and I think people generally like them better because they are safer than houses. All the houses have big walls and fences around them, and some even have those electric wires above the fences to really keep the theives out. I guess they have a problem with theft here, so they take every precaution to keep themselves safe. I have yet to see just a normal looking house like we have in the suburbs there in Canada, but I doubt that they even have them here. My house is made out of, well, I don't know really, it looks like stone to me. Inside they have normal drywalled rooms, well upstairs anyways.
they even have an open area downstairs, with no ceiling on it.
Sure couldn't have that in Canada, with the snow anyways!!!
Àguas Lindas and Vôo Livre are only about 40 minutes away, so it is not too long of a drive. Plus in Brasil, you get used to driving a while to get where you want to go because the traffic is so incredibly crazy and the stop lights are so long!
Everyone who lives in my house has bought their own car, so we usually are able to drive everywhere, which isn't a good thing...I think I have gained some weight just from not walking much. However, for people who don't, they usually ride bikes or take the bus. Many people take the bus to work in the mornings, and you should see how crowded they are. You have not seen a full bus until you come to Brasil. Honestly, they are so full that you can't see through the windows to the other side, there are people standing up and so jammed packed together they look like a bunch of sardines stuffed into a can. It is pure craziness. I can imagine how it smells!
Speaking of that, I don't know if you want to hear this, but it is weird, because the BO(body odour) here smells different. I didn't know that people in different places smell bad differently, but it's true. It is different than Canadian BO, and I don't know why. But it is still horrible, nonetheless, and alot of the kids at Vôo Livre don't wear deoderant, and it is not a nice smell, trust me!!!
Thanks for the questions, and I will answer any others that you have.
Love to everyone, ttyl
Love, Ashleigh :)


SInging Lady said...

Ho ho, Ash,
Well you sure left me chuckling with your “smelly” ending!

I hope you have stocked up with your mom’s Avon product to keep yourself “Smelling like a rose!!”
You must think I am just waiting for your daily postings!!

I like to check it out from time to time and it just so happens, that it is about the same time as you sent it.
Sorry to hear about Andréa’s broken pinky toe.
Didn’t you do that not too long ago??

Maybe she will let you drive for her!! I take it that it is a standard gearshift!

It would be good to practice in their traffic!

Hahah! Ours would likely be a piece of cake when you get back!

Back to the smells!!

My question of the day??

Do you find that the various foods that the people eat also have some after odors?
Maybe if you are eating the same things you do not notice that.

I know when Pops comes home sometimes, after he has eaten something at lunch, that the smell literally oozes out of his skin and his breath!
Maybe if you are eating the same things you do not notice that.

I guess there wouldn’t be any log houses there!

It sounds like the crowded buses are even worse that when you got downtown in Toronto.
Thanks for your insights of the housing and traffic.
We are off to Bellville tomorrow at this end.
Noite boa e sonhos doces a você.
Lots of hugs and kisses.

bigboypoppa said...

Hi Ash
Thanks for the answers to my questions.
It sounds like you live in a fairly affluent situation, and everyone having their own vehicle as well.
What is the price of the average car in comparison to Canada?
How much is gas selling for there?
It has been over 1.00 a liter recently here!
The Looney was over 91 cents to the US dollar this week.
Do you use US currency, or do they have their own?
Thanks for your blogs.
We do enjoy them
luv ya lots Pops

Mama said...

Hey Ash, I guess you are glad you don't have to ride the bus too often.. do they have taxi's? Wow, you had me laughing at the end of this blog about the BO in Brasil...maybe the spicy foods and different foods make for a different odor. Does Brasil have movie theatres like here in Canada? If so, are they up-to-date, or are they behind by a few months or more?
Today its very windy..and finally we have rain. It is so good for the gardens and grass. What kinds of flowers are blooming in Brasil right now?
Enjoying your daily reads...thanks for all the info as to your coming and going. Take care,Love Mama

SInging Lady said...
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