The Outcry...

I made this comment on my Facebook wall one day:

"It's interesting how stress heightens the mundane, making the commonplace suddenly seem of great import."

How true it is. In this interesting time of my life, I find myself doing things I have never done before, one of which includes stress shopping. So please don't judge me if you find that I seem to be buying more than I should. Jake often tries to reason with me, as I am my own worst critic. It's true, the things I buy are all useful and good, but not necessarily right now. They are things I could be doing without.

I find myself crying at random and inopportune times, grateful that these have mostly happened while Jake has been with me; he has been so wonderful, wrapping me up in his arms, just letting me cry, telling me to let it all out and that it will be ok. And if it's not ok, then I can take that up with him later.

I have been lonely, especially while Jake is at work. Katie was able to sleep over Saturday night, and I drank in her company like a desert cactus drinks in water. You may say, "Well, why don't you just go out and find people to hang out with?" I could do this. But I am someone who needs to be found, who needs to know that people WANT to hang out with me.

I didn't even pray to ask God to help me through this loneliness(btw, I don't feel too lonely, because I know He's always there), but once again, He has answered the outcry of my heart. Within a day I have had 2 friends (you both have blogs, you know who you are :), my friend/employer, AND a lady from my church asking me when a good time to hang out would be. I mean, how much better can God get? He is amazing, and He truly does know our needs! I feel so blessed, and filled with hope.

May God continue to answer your unbreathed prayers, and may He bless you with a wonderful day!


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