Raclette and Honest to Goodness Fellowship...

Jake and I went to Charlie and Cindy's house tonight. They are very good friends of ours, and Charlie is one of the professors at my college. The entree for the evening was French "Barbecue". There were bowls filled with frozen peas, hash browns, grated cheese, and raw meat. The bbq/grill was in the middle of the table, and you put the meat on top so it can grill, and fill little trays with the vegetables to put underneath the broiler, which is located directly under the grill. Then you wait. We had wonderful conversations about missions, and marriage, and generally everything you can think of. This included food, which was good because once the vegetables and meat were finished, you melted a little bit of cheese on top to create the most fantastic meal of your life. So simple, yet scrumptious. Dessert, however, was even better, if that is possible. Cindy had made up some muffin batter ahead of time, and we poured a small layer of that in our trays, put cut up fruit into another and then placed them underneath the broiler. Well, let me tell you, once someone suggested we add ice cream to that, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Wow. Seriously, that was one of the best meals of my life, or at least the most impressive.

I am so grateful for my college, and all of the amazing people that I have met, especially those who have been most influential in my life. Praise God for the Christian community. I feel so blessed to live in this wonderful sphere of existence.


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On God's path said...

Ummm glup, *dab...dab* Well written, what a blessing it is. Ashleigh you amaze me! I love hanging out with you and talking about pretty much everything there is to talk about and usually enjoying some wonderful food along with it. The Lord knows how much I'll miss you once you and Jake are serving elsewhere. Have a great weekend.