Needing to refocus...

Let's just say that I have had four days of not spending intentional time with God, and today I needed it. 1 John is a good kick-in-the-pants book to get your spiritual motor running again. I was reminded of why I need to walk in righteousness, in the light; Jesus Christ IS the son of God, and whoever says otherwise is antichrist; Jesus died for my sins: this means I must confess my sins (admit that I failed, not try to cover up my mistakes) and He will forgive me and cleanse me (in other words, STOP WALLOWING in self-pity and self-condemnation!); I must love my brothers (yes, literal brothers, but also "mankind").

So, you can see, I was given a lot of reminders today, all of which were very good for my spiritual renewal. I am continually needing to trust that God has everything in control, even when I am diasappointed and feel discouraged. Seems to be the lesson of the year.


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