Good Eats...

Well, what a full week-end! I don't entirely feel like writing tonight; I have a book that is waiting to be read. I am also very tired. However, I had a wonderful day, that culminated the end of a great week-end.

I traveled with Susan and Mr. Marv to Lindsay, so that they could have a meeting there. There was a lovely conversation that ensued on the way home, and I feel very blessed for the people that God has put into my life.

Tonight, however, was a very fun night of dessert at a fine dining restaurant with two wonderful ladies. I was saying to Laurie and Christina that we have never hung out together before, but it has always been one or the other. It was a lovely evening, delicious chocolate truffle cake, and specialty coffees (which I, thankfully, did not try!). Such a blessing to spend time with friends, and relax in a safe environment. I am grateful for relationships that have developed over the years of being in college.

Tomorrow is registration day. I am only taking 1.5 classes this semester: Islam, and my internship course. It's going to be strange barely going to the college for classes, but I'm getting ready to move on. I am looking forward to graduating this coming year, finally.

Time for bed...


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Singinglady said...

Hi my love
Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have these opportunities to get together with friends or relatives and spend time relaxing and sharing with one another.

My day was similar to yours yesterday as well, as four generations of cousins or their wives got together for lunch
We were so glad we made the time in all our busy schedules to reunite.
Quite often these days it is only under circumstances that are not always the happiest (ex funerals etc) but just being together for no specific reason, other than that we wanted to, was worth the effort and has made us decide to try to do it more often.

Remember as you move ahead in your life to always make time for your family and friends and not let those relationships slip away.

We are praying for you now as you register for this last semester and for your internship program.
We anticipate the happy day ahead when you graduate and move on to the next stages of your life.

Much love NAN