David Guetta...

I can't believe I'm writing a blog about a music artist. However, this guy is so talented, and has been working with major artists in the industry lately, creating INCREDIBLE dance hits. Wow, I'm totally impressed with the songs. Of course I don't agree with all the lyrics. My alibi is that I am merely judging from a dancer's perspective. As a Christian, I do not necessarily endorse every bit of music that he creates or produces. Many of his songs are simply amazing beats to dance to, like this one, which happens to be the first one I heard.

Thanks to whoever has been praying for me lately, my allergies have been MUCH better today. My eyes have been watering far less, and aside for a short break from the computer, I am doing well.

It's time for bed, though.....although I do feel like dancing for a little bit longer...


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