Running Between the Rain Drops...

I cannot take credit for today's post title. I was heading downstairs to lunch, when Carolyn called out, "You'll have to run between the raindrops!" Needless to say, I haven't left the building, but it was an interesting enough concept to blog about.

I briefly pondered how one might attempt to perform this nearly impossible feat. I was picturing myself dodging this way and that, at lightning speed, making it to my destination without a single drop touching my head.

Unless I am Superman, there is no way I could make this happen.

Isn't this kind of a picture of how we try to make it through life? We sometimes try to run between the raindrops of what appear to be mere nuisances, annoyances, or struggles. We don't want to feel the water touching our skin, as if it will burn through us like acid.

How often do we take time to think of those things as blessings from God? What if the raindrops are from him, causing us to stretch, to grow, to learn, and to reshape us to have more Christlike character? When we allow ourselves to get wet from our struggles, we cry. We have pain. We cry out in anguish and frustration, asking God why we're soaking, chilled to the bone.

And yet, we learn.

We mature.

And our dependency upon our Great God and Saviour blossoms, and He shall renew our strength.

Isaiah 40


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