Life away from blogging...


It swirls all around me, catching the pretty prisms of sunshine as it goes along.

It swoops downward, snatching up the whole of my essence in it's wake.....

I cannot keep up with it's unpredictability, nor its expectations.

mas, a vida rola.

When I am away from blogging, from keeping everyone updated on all my activities, thoughts, and events, I don't notice how much I have changed, how much I have experienced, and learned; grown and matured. Yet when I return to the comfort of that empty space in which to blog, I find that it hasn't changed. The white nothingness stares back at me once again, welcoming me, begging me to fill it with scribbles and scrawls, rants and monologues. Then I feel like a wise sage, bringing to the forefront of my mind hours and days of thoughts, bursting to share what God has taught, and what I am learning.

This is my blog, where God speaks, and I fill the page. May His name be praised, and every jot and tittle that one reads be for His glory alone.


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