Sweet dreams and good eats...

I woke up this morning feeling super rested, and not at all guilty for staying in bed until almost 11AM (even though I went to bed at a decent hour). I had a pretty restless night, dream-wise. I vaguely remember fleeting dreams of people strangling others*, flying contraptions, and other random things. I think that God let me sleep a couple more hours because of that nonsense. It's amazing how weird and strange, yet at times how beautiful our dreams can be.

I've decided to try (as much as I am able) to not turn on my laptop until I have read my Bible. I get so caught up in everything, so distracted by the web it's ridiculous. It seemed to work today :) I paid my last rent to my landlord yesterday. It seems strange to think that I will only be living here for another 29 days. I have a lot to do in that time!

Jake came over tonight, and we chatted and then I made him a delicious meal. It was leftover speghettini made into a stir fry with onions, red pepper, brocolli, honey, soya sauce, and then chicken fingers. I was even impressed with my skill, since it only took me 20 min to make!

I must head to bed now, I have quite a few books calling and I can't quite figure out which one I would like to read first....


*I'm sorry if this comment disturbs you. Since we cannot control our dreams, I take no responsibility for what I dreamt about.

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