Puddles and Mud...

The weather was gorgeous today. I wish it would stay this warm all year round. This is the perfect temperature, in my humble opionion.

I had to work tonight, only for 3 hours, but it went by so fast. I wasn't expecting that! I was able to help a couple pick vests, and they took a long time. I love it when time flies :)

In my devos today I read the story of Balaam and Balak. I am finding so many interesting stories in Numbers, ones that I totally thought were in a different part of the Bible. I keep thinking that going through the Pentateuch will be boring, but it is actually really interesting. I never really thought about that story before, and the whole talking donkey thing. But if you do actually, seriously think about it, it's totally absurd! A donkey was trying to save Balaam from the angel that wanted to kill him, and then God opened its mouth to speak so it could defend itself. I am so in awe of that.

I am making my dinner now. It's going to be very uneventful. I find I do not enjoy cooking these days, and I am avoiding it like the plague. But I do enjoy making pasta, and I am going to get fat on it. I've decided. It's happening!!-(that was for you, mom!)

Have a great night :)


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Anonymous said...

Hi my love,
I have no idea what it was like out today as it was very foggy around and rained very hard for most of the day. I imagine that there will be lots of puddles and mud if it continues over night as it is now!

I am glad the job’s working out well for you and it will give you a little insight of the things people are looking for as they anticipate their special occasions.

It sounds like you are reading through your devotions and seeing things in a much more mature light these days,
as God reveals His Word in new and exciting ways.

As for the cooking at your end …
I will refrain from making too many comments,
as it would be like “the pot calling the kettle black”!

I too, am struggling with making meals and it is a very big challenge these days at my end as well!

I hope tomorrow is a good day for you.
Lots of luv