Nightmares and Sunbeams...

Last night I had a scary dream. I don't get those often, although many of my dreams are strange indeed. I don't like dreaming things that make me afraid, and it is especially disconcerting when I wake up and don't even have courage to move. However, I have prayed, and I know that God will protect me from the scary dreams, because He is so much bigger than all of that!

The sun is shining beautifully today! The only thing that makes it less than perfect is the snow that still lies pitifully on the ground. Have I mentioned that I long for hot summer days?!

I was having a discussion with a friend today, about how when we tell things to people about others or certain topics we inadvertantly sway their opinions. For instance, the other day someone told me something about one of the guys I know, and instantly my opinion of him was changed. My friend said that she doesn't want to tell people some things because she is afraid of this. I think it is inevitable to sway people's opinions, but we shouldn't feel guilty for their actions or attitudes. However, it is obvious that if we are gossiping or sharing information that is less than uplifting, we should probably refrain. I don't know...just somethings to think about.

I am excited, because 3 of my friends here at school are starting a little "French club". We're going to get together at least once a week and drink grape juice and eat cheese and practice our French! Out of all the girls, mine is the worst. However, I look forward to surrounding myself in it and feeling more comfortable with using words I haven't spoken in many years!

I hope you will have a blessed day!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Ash

I am so happy to see you sharing your thoughts with us again even if it is about scary dreams

I am fortunate that I sleep very well and as soon my head hits the pillow I go out like a light!

I do not dream very often and I can’t remember having had a bad dream for many years.

I have not really seen too much of the day today as I have been hibernating and catching up on mail.

We have tons of snow here though and it is a challenge to keep the two bird feeders filled up so the at our little feathered friends can have some food these days.

Even more of a challenge is getting to the side feeder by our bedroom window, as the snow is very deep and well up over the tops of my boots.

I clomped around last week and on the way back sat down in the snow (accidentally) and it was all I could do to get back up. LOL!

A very funny sight indeed!

I am glad no one was here to witness it!

It sounds like you will have fun with your friends as you have your French soirée evening!

I hope you will be very polished by the time you are finished.

Have a great week

Lots of luv

Your NAN xoxoxo