Church and Haircuts...

Today was a good day, although it seems like it was so long. My friend Ashley came for a visit! It was so nice to see her; I really enjoy hanging out with her. We went out for lunch, then went to the mall for a bit. When we came back home, I asked her to give my hair a trim and some bangs. It feels so good-I love getting my hair cut!

I have been having fun experimenting on my computer, and finding new things to do. Need I mention it is becoming the biggest time waster in the world???

As I have said earlier, I have been reading in Numbers. Today I was reading about the way the Israelites complained. I was impressed with the power of God. He loved them so much, and wanted them to be set apart from the rest of the nations, but at times He had to punish them. He was very serious about the things He said, even when the Israelites didn't necessarily take Him seriously. I found it interesting how many times they complained, even though he provided for them constantly. Moses got so incredibly upset and frustrated, and I know he didn't understand how they could complain so much. We are so much like the Israelites that sometimes it's frightening. I keep wondering how we would be different if God punished us like He did the Israelites, and yet were they any different?

I hope you all have a great night!



Singinglady said...

Hello my love,

I am very slow today and I got backed up in messages so I will just write you a short response here this afternoon.
It sounds like you had a nice visit with your friend Ashley and I hope you will post a picture of your new hair look.

It takes some time to get things set up on a new computer so I can well imagine that you will be spending some time working on that for a while.

It is nice when every thing is new and there is lots of space but sometimes it takes a while to get the files you on your other machine into place.

Your OT readings in Numbers are giving you a new insight into the rebelliousness that Moses was faced with as he sought to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land

However, I am sure as you said, that the Lord must look down on us at times, and see much the same sort of behaviour!

Thankfully He has given us Jesus, who has taken our punishment and when we acknowledge the sins that we commit daily, He forgives us and frees us from the bondage that they had to endure.

I hope you have a great week.
Lots of luv


Singinglady said...
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