Friends and Make-up...

My roommate from first year, Natalie, came by for a visit today! I love her so much, and it was so nice to catch up with her. She is staying until tomorrow, possibly Friday, so I have lots of time to chat. She is so awesome, and she makes me laugh. She is a professional make-up artist, graduated from make-up school in Toronto. She did make-up on our friend Meghan, and then plucked my eyebrows for me :) They are now nicely shaped, thanks to her!

I almost forgot to write today, simply because I was so distracted by her, but I know at least two people who would have been very disappointed if I hadn't written.

This morning in chapel, we had a pastor from a church in Hamilton come and speak. He was very funny, and talked about how we should take advantage of our youth. Because we are young, we can be more energetic and enthusiastic in ministry. He also said something that stuck to me.
"When I ask people, if they are interested in missions, they say, "Oh yes! I love missions so much!" but then I ask them where they want to go, and they say they have no clue."

Then he said that we need to be passionate about what we want to do in life. We need to be passionate about where we want to go. I am still going to struggle with this, because my pat answer for a while has been, "I will go wherever God wants." I don't think that is such a bad answer though. I WOULD go wherever He wants.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening.



Annie said...

Hun, I love hearing about your life!!! :) I am glad Natalie is there for a while... how fun :D

I love you!

Singinglady said...

Hello my darling
I am sorry I did not get to reply last night when I got your email version of this report but my eyes just gave out and I could not do any more at that time

I am glad to hear that you are having such a good visit with Natalie.
I know you have always enjoyed her companionship.
It is great that you still can get together and have fun at the same time.
Do try to keep your friendships going with your friends.
It will mean so much to you as the years go by.

I didn’t realize that Natalie had gone on to take the make up course.
It sounds like her session with you girls was a great success too
Have you ever had your eyebrows done before?
I have never done mine!

It sounds like the chapel speaker continues to keep your thoughts going as to God’s future plans for you.
I think you have been receptive to His leading already and as you listen for His still small voice, He will continue to open the paths He wants you to travel in the future in His time.

Have a great day and try to keep WARM!
Lots of love NAN