Leviticus and Holiness...

In my devotions lately, I have been following along in my planner to "read the Bible in one year". I have never actually read the whole Bible in a year, so that is my goal! However, it is taking me through Leviticus, and the chapters I was reading were astounding. I have always considered Leviticus to be boring, and, for all intents and purposes, it can be quite boring in many parts. This is why I was so surprised when I stumbled across some beautiful passages between chapters 18-22. I never realized God was such a stickler for Israel's holiness, but it was something He wanted for them so much. He wanted them to be set apart from the other nations, to live holy lives. I have been thinking much about holiness and purity of mind, body, and emotions in the past few days. After reading about the way God desired holiness for the Israelites, I imagine that He would have the same expectations for us as Christians today! One thing that also struck me was the fact that God kept repeating, "I am the Lord", or "I am the Lord your God". He is our God, and He expects us to treat Him as such, and to obey His commands to be set apart and live holy lives. Powerful stuff!

I can't believe it started snowing again today. I was hoping it would leave. No wonder there was fog over the whole city last night. The warm air from the past two days was mixing with the cold front that swept over this morning.

I wrote this a little while ago-I'd say over a year. But I just want to share it with you now.

Stamp me.
Seal me.
Take me.
Heal me.
Mark me.
Show me

I hope everyone has a great day.

Love, Ashleigh

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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash

You are doing well in your understanding and insight of these very difficult books in the OT.
I have read though the Bible in the past a few times but now with my eyes I find it too hard to read for an extended time.
Poppa has the bible on cassette tapes and I should really get those out and listen to them again.
He used to take them with him on the Go Bus when he was traveling back and forth to work and I think he got through the whole bible at that time in that format.

We all need to concentrate on keeping our focus on the Lord and try to live our lives in a manner that is worthy and acceptable and honouring to Him.

Surprisingly, we did not get any snow here today, but neither did we venture out, so I have no idea what it was like past the end of our driveway!

I did not even get dressed!

Pops was out to do the fire and bring in wood and he said it was very cold!

Your poem, though few in words, was very deep and profound and full of great meaning.

Thank you for sharing it with us!

I hope your week is going well and that you are not too bleary-eyed!
xoxo NAN