Long Days and Work...

I just want to thank those of you who left your comments from my last blog. They were very insightful and encouraging. I need to apologize for my attitude last night. I know that I need to be more mature, and I need to set a good example as well.

I basically did nothing today except laundry and work.

I thouroughly enjoyed the sun; excluding the night, the day was beautiful and warm-ish! I was hoping it would be that way forever!

Tonight I bought a new laptop, FINALLY! I decided I had enough money, and it was important. I was wasting time on my other one, waiting for pages to upload...not to mention it was five million years old, and only had 10GB of hard drive!!! My new one is quite a welcome change!

Please pray for friends and family of a lady in my church back home. She died on Tuesday, and the funeral was today. I know my mom is taking it hard. Flo was a wonderful woman, always joking and being sarcastic, but she always wanted a hug. She was a tenacious woman, but now she is with her Lord after battling cancer for about 2 years. I will miss her and her hugs.

I hope you all have a great night-


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Singinglady said...

Hi my darling,
I am glad that you were encouragement by the notes you received following your last note.

You needed to let off some steam and through it you have probably learned a little more about yourself, which is good and all part of the maturing process.

It is good to have the warmer temperatures and the sun as well and that helps to brighten us all up.

I am glad that you finally got your new computer and you will not know yourself with a larger hard drive.

Pictures especially use up a lot of space and if your other on was only 10 GB it wouldn’t take long to fill it.

Our older laptops had very small space as well and I am using some of the memory sticks now to store some of the records from them.

You mom told me about your church friend who passed away and our prayers are with the family and friends.

I hope you are having a good weekend.

Lots of luv NAN xoxoxo