To Greet the Day...

Lately I've been having some difficulties with my job, mostly just technical issues.  This morning, my employer helped me to fix some of them.  I was elated about that, but also frustrated because I missed a lesson (he was well aware-I had to let him remotely use my computer, which is a trust issue all unto its own!)

I was recently assigned a video class with three students at once.  I was very nervous to teach them, because teaching a class online is a whole different ball game for me. 

However, when I arrived in the video chat room, there were three, small faces grinning at me from the screen, and I knew everything was going to be ok.

I get to teach kids!

They are siblings: the oldest is 13, and you can tell she is protective of her younger 8-year-old twin brothers who don't speak much English. 

I love them already (especially their giggles and cute mannerisms!), and am excited to see them improve their conversation skills over the next few months.


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