Becoming Newsy...

A couple of months ago, I made it one of my goals to become more informed.   Before I started my teaching job, I was finding the goal rather difficult to ascertain.  I just didn't have the interest nor the stamina to look at online newspapers everyday.  Now, however, I find myself browsing exciting headlines, looking for new and interesting topics to discuss during conversation lessons.  It's a goal of mine to find something news-worthy that a student might not be aware of.

One of the websites I've been going to is The Korea Herald, since this gives me up-to-date information from within my students' spheres of influence.  The website, offering articles in both English and Korean, is comprehensive and well laid out.

Although I have been only doing this regularly for a week or two, I am still embarrassed when I find things out that the nation has known for 5 months or so (take our Canadian astronaut in space, for example).  I am excited to see how continued practice will keep me 'in the know' and newsy.


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