Some No-Cook Help...

It's no secret, I absolutely LOVE to cook.  Jake enjoys my cooking, but he says I have one problem: I don't cook the same thing twice.  

Hence, the weekly meal plans, the complicated menus, you get the picture.  So he's made me promise to make one day of the week a 'no cook day', which means I can't be hanging over the stove, peeling copious amounts of carrots, or washing a spate of dishes that day (despite the fact that we now have a dishwasher, I still end up with a ton!)

So, here's my dilemma: I have absolutely NO idea where to begin.  I have tried searching the Internet, but have only come up with some crazy fennel and crab salads, because we all know that's what you head to the grocery for when it you want a no-cook dinner.

Come to think of it, I probably would. 

But what I need right now is quick, simple, throw-together meals that take all of 10 maybe 20 minutes to prepare.

Give me your best ideas, people.  I would appreciate whatever you've got :)



krystle ann-marie said...

Nachos or Tacos! It's our weekly Sunday go-to. Quick & Easy and you can load 'em up however you want!

krystle ann-marie said...

After I re-read I realized you said "no cook"...which makes things a little more challenging. If you cook your beef or chicken ahead of time, then you can still do nachos! Or you can just eat plain nacho chips with guacamole, salsa & cheese! :)