The Rubenesque Woman...

I struggled as I read this post.

Head on over there now, I'll wait for you :)

{There are many people in my life who struggle with weight issues, so if my words come across as offensive or ignorant, that was never my intention.  I want to be as delicate as possible without compromising my own position, thoughts, and opinions.}

The author talks about fierce and fabulous f-t women, unashamed of showing off their voluptuous curves and being willing to take a stand against a society that shames and ridicules them to no end, a society that has the most unrealistic expectations of who and what a woman should look like.  I commend these women for that.  I commend them for being brave, courageous and for sticking their middle finger out to the world.  I agree that society has a skewed view on how women should look.

And yet.

Where is the talk about health issues, the longevity of life they could have if they actually cared for their bodies?

Many of you know me, you see my now slim figure, but speaking from experience, it takes A LOT of hard work to keep in shape.  Many of you are right there with me in this fight to be fit, not skinny.  And it's not because we are conforming to the man.  We want to keep our bodies running efficiently so that we can live to the maximum.  We're not bound by it, or enjoying life less because we eat healthy.  We know it's good for us so we do it.  We don't always have self-control, but that is one of the biggest missing factors in the article:

Self-control and discipline.

I'm not so sure these women want to or even care about trying to develop either quality.  

"In the face of such platitudinous admonitions stands a bunch of big-a**, mouthy fat girls who wear fuchsia and feathers, who walk out in the world with bellies exposed and middle fingers raised. "

I don't believe the article was talking about women who struggle with weight because of health issues or other, so let's get that off the table right now.  From what I understood, she's talking about the women who don't care what people think and who are fighting for the rights to be f-t without being criticized or shamed. Let me say something here.  There are A LOT of rights being fought for right now, and not all of them should be in the running.

"Oddly, the f-word is used to scare women, but it doesn’t scare me. My fat is political because when I show it off it really seems to piss people off. My fat is political because I’m keeping it. My fat is political because it’s f****** hot. My fat is my flag, my claim to fame, my battle scar, my secret fat girl society badge."

Hm.  I'm not sure if they want actual rights or if they just want attention.  Either way, they're probably going to get both.


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