In the Small Things...

More and more I've been coming to realize God's faithfulness in the small things.  I've noticed a shift in my thought processes.  No longer do I doubt His provision for as long as I used to.  When we trust in Him, He provides in His perfect timing.  

Jake and I have been looking for a washer and dryer for a few weeks now, mostly on Kijiji because we didn't want to buy new.  We had a lead for a while, but you know how some people can get...

Oh yeah, come on by on Saturday (How do you even know if I'm free that day?)
Call me when you arrive (And they don't pick up their phone)
We really need to sell it asap (And then they sell it right under your nose)

You get some crazy doubts when this happens.  We started thinking, taking it to the laundromat down the street really isn't that bad, is it? I mean, it's only $3 per load, and we can hang it to dry outside during the summer and save even more money!

As Jake and I went for our afternoon walk yesterday, we weren't even thinking about a washer and dryer. We had noticed a 'yard sale' sign posted on someone's driveway when we came home from church, so we swung by there.  Immediately Jake noticed the washer and dryer for sale.  When we asked the young couple about it, she said that her grandmother had recently moved to a nursing home, so everything had literally come straight from her house, and was in working condition.  We had no reason to distrust her-we could clearly tell that they weren't from this century.  So, a deal was made, and the guys brought the machines up the street to our house on a little wooden push trolley.  (That was another little blessing.  We had been worrying about how we were going to get the machines from one place to another, especially if it was a Kijiji purchase.  Who knew we'd make a purchase within walking distance?!)  Once they finished the difficult task of manning them down the basement stairs, they hooked the machines up, and we now have a working dryer and a hoseless washing machine (we'll get the parts for it this week). 

As grateful as I was for the laundromat down the street, I'm happy to say we now have machines in working order in our laundry room, and for $25 cheaper than we were going to pay for the ones off Kijiji.

He always proves Himself faithful, even in the small things!


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krystle ann-marie said...

I love when God does that! I have also been learning a lOT about his faithfulness. It seems to be the little things that mean the most. :)