Those Small Reminders...

I had a sore back/hip that started last Thursday night and lasted all the way to Monday morning.  I was unconcerned-thinking it was the chair that I had been sitting in to teach lessons-until I went to my OB check-up.  The nurse took one look at me limping and said, 'Oh, I'll bet that's sciatica.  Usually when a pregnant woman gets it, it lasts for the whole pregnancy.'

Really? Could she have said anything less discouraging?

I came home from the appointment and looked up sciatica online, noting that I was lacking many of the symptoms, and decided that if it didn't get better by Monday, I would go to my chiropractor.  I absolutely hate not having full range of motion, and I was frustrated and embarrassed that even a 20 minute walk with Jake was more than I could handle.  However, God answered my prayers and I was finally able to go for a 30-minute run along a new trail this morning.

My mom-at least I think it was her!- always said that God lets us experience things like that to remind us to slow down and remember who is the giver of life.

I'm grateful for the reminder, and even more thankful for the weather that greeted my week-long running sabbatical.


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Kait said...

Yay! Glad it went away and that you're still able to enjoy running. And good perspective, Ash :)