Going for the BIG One...

Over the years I've had plenty of time to observe and remark on the various parenting styles out there.  About to become a mother myself, I've been reflecting on the way my parents raised me, and have clung to many of the values they implemented in my life while looking to remodel other aspects to fit the kind of parents Jake and I want to be.  That's how it goes, right? You learn and grow from others who have been doing it long before you.

I don't know why, but parenting seems even more daunting than marriage.  Becoming one with another person seemed to come so naturally, to flow into the trajectory of my life. And yet, this, this absolutely terrifying journey we're on now is both exhilarating and humbling.  Raising a little life, protecting it and teaching it is a thousand times more different than getting married to a fully capable, fully grown human being.  This little person needs to learn about Jesus, and needs to learn how to discern right from wrong, who to trust and who to protect him/herself from.  And all of that, is my job. Our job.  It seems so right that God's plan from the start was for children to have both a mother and a father, since most of the time I don't feel like I have enough pluck to do this whole motherhood thing!

This waiting period, as the baby grows and we weigh out names, has been fun.  Most days I don't even feel pregnant.  Every day Jake asks me, "How's baby?" and I say, "Baby's good", because that is as good as I can guess at this point.  We look in the mirror, and up until last week I was convinced my belly hadn't grown a centimeter since the 6 week mark.  It's more noticeable now in the evening, but then I blame it on the pasta we had for lunch.  

Today we're going for the BIG ultrasound-I'm 18 weeks tomorrow- and we're not going to find out the sex.  I love surprises too much to ruin it now!  But even last night we were thinking, what are we going to do that moment the nurse says, "So, do you want to find out what you're having?" I will never yield!  



krystle ann-marie said...

Love hearing your thoughts and reflections! Such great perspective. You and Jake are going to make GREAT parents. Be blessed during this time! :)

Kait said...

Eee! So excited for you guys! Just make sure to tell the technician up front that you don't want to know the sex! Sometimes they just tell you assuming you wanted to know.

On God's path said...

I like surprises! I'm so glad to that you are waiting to find out if your little bundle is a boy or a girl until you bring him or her forth and the doctor yells "It's a..." I'm really excited for you both!