The Aftermove...

I'm sitting in our new bedroom, feeling the cool breeze through the window and the warmth emanating from my heart.

We're home.  I can hardly believe it's true, because after months of planning and a week of stress, I can finally say I have no stress! At least, for the moment, anyways.

I was just sitting out on the front porch (yes, our front porch!) drinking my coffee and reading Philippians, and I felt so blessed.  Already our neighbours have proved to be wonderful, kind people, and made us feel so welcome during the move.

Most people from our immediate families helped, including some friends, and we enjoyed a hearty chili lunch after everyone's hard work.  It was worth the wait!

I can't wait to show some pictures, but for now, we're happy, healthy, and excited to scope out our neighbourhood later.

Have a blessed Sunday.


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