The Song of the Morning...

I am going to miss this-my Hespeler.  Jake and I have only ever lived in this area of Cambridge since we started out at university 8 years ago, respectively.  Walking the trails, discovering new ones, and spotting turtles in the Speed River became part of our relationship.

Now that we're moving, I don't know what I will do without this beautiful tranquility. It's hard to imagine any other place on earth that feels as wondrously God-touched as this-a piece of heaven right in the midst of the city.  I have often come to this particular trail to walk/run off stress, to relax with Jake on a sunny afternoon, and to feel the closeness of my Creator.

So I decided to snap some pictures on my last run, as the cold sapped all the moisture from my skin and the sun warmed my face.

This is our version of 'swan' lake...do you see them?

As I wrapped up my run, I would have enjoyed shedding some tears to commiserate with my emotions, but my apathetic pregnancy hormones won't let me cry on command-just at the most inopportune moment ever.

I am looking forward to finding the peaceful places to walk and run near our new place, and, since God is faithful in the small things, I have no doubt that He will provide!


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