Afternoon Ramblings...

And here I thought the stress would stay far away once we finished the move.  

Silly me.

Last night after work I came downstairs to find all the boxes still there in the kitchen, unpacked, I couldn't find my knife, and I just wanted roasted potatoes...*sigh*.  Rough life, eh?

I'm learning to tell myself--multiple times a day, if need be!--that it will all get unpacked in time, and to give myself a little bit of breathing room in the meantime.

I went for my first run this afternoon, and listened to the sounds of the cars on the road as I made my way along.  I found a lovely little trail that runs along the hydro cut, and I plan to explore a little further later this week.  

I love having an office.  It's so wonderful having the space to do my work and not bothering anyone with teaching.  

I also love chickpea cookies.  Yeah, don't knock 'em til you've tried 'em!


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