On Teaching...

So I'm finishing my third week of teaching. It's pretty awesome.  I mean, it's just like any job-there are days when I can't seem to muster up the energy to start, but pretty soon the students make it all worth it.

I've started tweeting about all the fun and random comments from students.  You can find a sample here. I've enjoyed getting to know more about Korean culture, even more than I've learned from teaching Korean students for the past three summers here in Canada.

You may remember from a previous post that I struggle with being in the wrong, especially as a teacher (I'm sure that will also translate into parenthood, but let's save that speculation for a few more months at least!)  I also struggle with constructive criticism, and one of my students  got to me this weekwhen he asked if we could do things differently during our lessons.  I'm still so new at this job, and I know it's God alone who allowed me to get a few great compliments and encouragements from students early on.  Nevertheless, his comment struck me deep, and I had to wrestle with both my pride and low self-esteem for a few hours.

In hindsight, his comment has actually challenged and spurned me into being a better teacher.  I've been searching the Internet and garnishing ideas for how to create astounding lessons for my students.  I'm enjoying the TED website the most, I think, and hope to use some of their videos to inspire great discussions.



In other news, I know, I know, I've gone completely off the map in regards to my Groceries on $50 blogs.  I apologize for those of you who have been waiting to see how week 4 went.  I am hoping to do a blog on that soon.  Thanks for your patience!

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