What Does She Do...

We have some pretty great students.  Our Thursday crew has transformed into one family consisting of a mom and her two little girls. The rest of the class seems to have given up, but this little family creates as much energy as a class of 25.  Unfortunately next week will be the last week with them, due to graduations and Christmas.

Delia works as a music teacher/pianist, and both of her daughters are in ballet. The oldest one wants to join a ballet company when she gets older; she showed some of her routines to us last night.

We taught them about jobs and professions, and they learned how to ask, "What does she do?  Where does she work?"

To practice further we played charades...if you look at the picture, can you guess?

She's a dentist!

My goodness, they're quite dramatic and you can imagine all the laughter that ensued.

Sometimes it's the simple things that are the best to learn.  I'm amazed at how quickly even little Eloisa was learning words.

Despite the surprises and changes that have been part of our time here, one thing hasn't changed:

It's a blessing to impart knowledge to others.


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